Create the life you have always wanted; purposeful and fulfilling. Foster deeper connections, find purpose, and connect the work you do with what you are passionate about.
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What Does Life Look Like When You Create it on Your Terms?


I help women business owners, female entrepreneurs, + organizations elevate their development process. With simple + effective strategies, you can create a shift. Build stronger and deeper relationships. Build a solid business. Increase effectiveness + productivity. Break the cycle of hindering practices + damaging behavior patterns. Boost morale. Create more connection and a deeper sense of fulfillment.


I focus on women with the desire to or already doing works of the heart. Creating a life and business from a balanced place creates a solid foundation to build on.


About Mikel Adams 

Life + Business Mentor. Resolution Specialist. Business Strategist. Writer. Artist. Culinary Enthusiast. Lover of Nature & Music. Overcomer. Cultivator of Love. 


CEO of A Cultivated Life

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Creating the Life you want and living life on your terms requires you to take action. Ready to Create the change you've been wanting?Mindset is a major part of that transition, but nothing changes until you actively commit. What does life look like if NOTHING changes? Will you still be in business? Will your relationship survive? Where will you be? What will you be doing? Click the Contact Link below and book a discovery call! Find out if we are a good fit.