Create the life you have always wanted; purposeful and fulfilling. Foster deeper connections, find purpose, and connect the work you do with what you are passionate about.


When you change your perception about your life, and come from a place of gratitude, things shift and you will begin to notice your life alter. It is like the domino effect, the more you come from a place of gratitude, the more you speak it and cultivate it, the more the universe conspires to meet you there. 


About me

 I am convinced that it is us, ourselves that manifest our lives. Our Words and Thoughts become reality; not because it sounds poetic, but because it is Metaphysics. I have seen it time and time again in my own life, and history is painted with the evidence of it. That said, every shift, every great change, every pivotal moment of growth, came with specific identifiable details that could be generalized: Pain. Pain from feeling some sort of loss or disappointment…in people; in situations; in humanity. A Challenge. May it be the Challenge to overcome the Pain, the disappointment such as forgiveness, or may the challenge be a dilemma that makes the choice of change and moving forward not easy. Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of loneliness or Failing; no matter the specifics of growth and great change, one’s motivation does not exist without a little fear; some more than others.

          However, using these identifiable details to fortify your desire for change; to manifest the life you desire instead of letting these things suppress you and your future is the difference between mediocrity and happiness. I believe it starts with those great leaps; the ones without a net that truly change our lives. Books are written, and movies made about those great leaps. Those great leaps inspire. Those great leaps make a difference. Making the decision to “Take the Wheel” is the best decision I have ever made. And with each decision, my courage grows stronger like a muscle I constantly work. Once you have a taste, and begin to see your sowing manifest, it becomes easier with each leap to have the courage to take that first step.

                   It is Us; Ourselves; You, that sets the standards for your life. Make it a great one…I know I am.