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Forgiveness Masterclass


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No one knows our stories of woe better than us. And aren't we great tellers of that story? Holding on to betrayal and victimization mindset will not only hinder your growth and ability to flourish. It will destroy you from the inside out. The connection between our emotions and physical well being are undeniable. The condition of one's Emotional Health determines the chemistry in their body. This summer, give yourself the opportunity to set yourself free. Free from your victimhood past. Free from the devastation of betrayal. Allow yourself to fully bloom as you are intended to be. Identify the connection between unforgiveness and the current barriers in your life. Learn practical and applicable tools to taking back your life, releasing the pollution that is the byproduct of holding on, and break the cycle of damaging behavior patterns that tie you to your past. 

The Chains that Bind You

Lack of forgiveness imprisons us and weighs us down, pulling from us the true hue of who we are meant to be. And when we are a pale version of the person we really are, we cannot serve the role we are destined to play. 


Shift Your Role: Empowerment

Hatred is a chain that binds you to the experience or things that bother you. Letting go is to love yourself enough for a better life; a life of freedom and  peace. To forgive is to empower. It allows you to draw something different from the experience. It allows you to remove the toxicity. 

Forgiving yourself for allowing less than you deserve. Forgiving yourself for the past. Forgiving others for doing you wrong; forgiveness creates a space for growth; for something new. 


Habits for Mindset

You will learn tools to face the difficulties and let go. With alternative perspectives, you can finally release the past and move on. You will learn inverse roles to the roles that victimhood has held you in for so long. You will learn how to carry out these new empowering roles in your life and open the future up for a happier, more fulfilling life.