Authentic, Uncompetitive Friendships with Women

I've had a lot of people come and go in my life; many of them I left or sent away, and many went on their own. There have been times on my journey that I have felt alone. A wise man once said to me, the more I stayed close to MY path, the sooner the right people will find me, and I won't be alone on this journey for long. 

There are always seasons, and those seasons apply to the people in our lives too. Sure...some people, Your Special people, will be with you for many many seasons of your journey, but many will fade and fall off like the leaves from a tree as the seasons change. They all serve their purpose though. I have never felt like making the space for new people left me empty handed. I have always been blessed with QUALITY. As you level-up, so will the company you keep. Keep that in mind. 

Today, I feel so RICH with the women God has brought into my life. I am truly blessed. Don't get me wrong, I have some good male friends too, but there is something that cannot compare to an Unconditional, Empowered, and UNCOMPETITIVE, AUTHENTIC Friendship between Women. You know who you are 💙 Thank you Ladies.

Ladies, I encourage you to stop COMPETING with OTHER women, and compete with the woman YOU WERE. The more you compete with the woman you were yesterday, the more you will improve and make an IMPACT on the World. When we compete with other women, when we constantly come from a place of judgment, we merely poke holes in our own brightness and let the dark in.

Lift each other up! Support one another! Foster your relationships with other women + learn how to be the womanly friend you seek. Then and only then will you get that AUTHENTICITY returned to you. Cultivate your lives, ladies; Cultivate your friendships.

Oh and hey, Ladies, Go Love Your Sisters today, and be The Woman that Straightens another Woman's Crown and doesn't Tell Anyone Else! 👑