Mikel Adams

The Secret to What I'm Offering

Mikel Adams
The Secret to What I'm Offering

What I offer: 


I have never really been attracted to those that offer “How to make X amount of money in Y amount of time” content. It simply comes across as slimy to me, but mostly just bullshit. In fact, most of which I have researched a bit are only making money on preaching to you on how to make money, and that IS bullshit. 


HUGE TURN-OFF for me. 


So, because I crave gritty truths, intelligent techniques, the psychology of human behavior, and scientific frameworks, that’s what I offer. What I give is a combination of decades of research, education, observation, and personal + professional experience. 


Imagine this in play: Joe’s offering- “How to always catch fish and eat for free for the rest of your life”


What does his offering include?

·     He tells you his best brand for fishing line and the weight.

·     He tells you the best time of the year to fish.

·     He tells you the best fishing spots to cast a line.

·     He tells you the best fish to target and catch.

·     He tells you the worst tasting fish that’s not edible.


And he’s selling you the idea that he’s teaching you how to fish so you can eat for the rest of your life. But he didn’t really teach you how to fish. Sure…he gave you some valuable information, but he didn’t do 2 major components to giving you the tools to succeed.

1.    He didn’t really teach you how to use those things he did teach you.

2.    He didn’t teach you real strategy. Evergreen strategy. He didn’t’ teach you how to find your own prime fishing spots, how to pick out the best rod for your ideal fishing, he didn’t teach you why some fish aren’t edible, and why X is the best bait for Y, and how to make the fish you do catch last so that you can eat off of it longer, and so on.


What I offer my clients… Granted, it has nothing to do with fishing, but it has everything to do with sustainable, transferrable, evergreen strategies…For Life, For Business, For Relationships. 


What I offer: 

·      I teach you to look inside to find what kind of fishing you would really enjoy and find happiness in. Saltwater? Freshwater? From the shore? Deep casting from the boat?

·      I help facilitate that discovery, around your Soul-Pull.

·      I teach you scientifically supported techniques around why some fish are attracted to X type of bait, and others are only attracted to Y type of bait.

·      I teach why certain weather is the best time to go fishing psychologically.

·      I teach you how to bait your own hook, learn the effective techniques of casting a line.

·      I teach you how to overcome the fear of trusting your instincts in picking a fishing spot and fishing where no one has ever fished before.

·      I help facilitate the discovery of the connection between why this type of fish is your favorite, and how you can fish for that fish for the rest of your life joyfully.

·      I teach you how to preserve the fish you catch so that it will be sustainable, last you longer, retain its nutritious value more effectively, and save time and energy to get the same abundance I have and more.


The byproduct of what I offer, IS getting you the freedom. The connection to purpose. The profitable business. The deeper fulfillment from your relationships. The contentment of feeding yourself what you crave. The rise through empowerment. The performance you know you’re capable of. The cultivated life you deserve and desire. These are the byproducts of what I offer. They inevitably happen when you show up to learn them, to participate in this development, and choose to live a cultivated life; a life curated around your soulful desires. 


That’s what I’m offering.

If you’re interested in consuming some of that value-driven content, feel free to join our Purpose to Profit Collective free Facebook group, or if you’re interested in learning how you can work with me, feel free to contact me here and schedule a discovery call.

Until Then….

Onward + Upward Sisters!!