The 3 Essentials for Life Alignment

Aligning your life + what you do with what you are passionate about is a key component to happiness + fulfillment. Creating something new is our birthright + in our bones. When you are at a place where you want change, a deeper sense of fulfillment + purpose, you have to map it out. In order to map it out, you have to clearly identify 3 essentials. 


I teach people about the 3 essentials to identify in the pursuit to unveiling that alignment:


1. The What- What do you want out of life? Is it freedom? Abundance? Define what that is to you, the very meaning of it. For me, my what is Contribution: Helping Others Rise + Giving myself Freedom + Abundance along with that process. The means + privilege to do so. 


Helping others rise lifts me up, and this act of service to others calls my name. This connection is what grounds me. What is abundance to me? Abundance to me is not needing anything out of the reach of my existing means. My bills are paid, I have means to eat and travel, and plenty of camaraderie + laughter every day. Abundance to me is the freedom to spend time with family and friends on my schedule, when I want to. Abundance to me is the luxury of pampering myself; taking the time to love on myself by putting lotion on + eating healthy. Abundance to me is the freedom in not worrying what the clock says all the time and reading books on the hammock. It means taking the time to love on my people and being present in the moment. Abundance is aligned with having my core needs met in addition to growth + contribution.


2. The Why- Your Why is the reason you desire the What. Your Why is the purpose behind you taking the time to put in the efforts; to work hard. Your Why is the very thing that drives you; it is the force behind it all, and it is what will keep you going instead of giving up. The importance of consistently putting the vision of Why in front of you is essential to your success. 


My Why is my family, friends, freedom, + fulfillment. And all those definitions I listed: connection, contribution, freedom, abundance. For me, Freedom is aligning my purposeful work with my daily actions, not freedom from work. 



3. The How– The How is the vehicle that will get you to where you want to be. Here is where things get cloudy and jumbled. We are controlling creatures by nature. The key to getting there from here is to try and not put too much emphasis on the How. Here is why: Our plan is often not the plan that will get us to where we want to go. The more we try to use the exact vehicle we have drafted, may it be the career, the package, the route, the more blinded we become to opportunity. We fixate so much on the how, we often lose sight of the what and why. This blocks us from ever reaching the destination fully. It is human nature to try and manipulate the how. I am guilty of this. I only saw the changes I desired so badly and worked hard for once I let go of trying to control the how. So, while it is important to identify a general idea of the identity of your how, don’t put it in ink. Chances are, the how will change as you navigate the path to acquiring your what + why. So, when you are identifying the How, make sure to identify multiple vehicles to deliver the what + why. 


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